Weapons Master Info

This months Rivanna match 7/20/13 will be the Weapons Master match. For those of
you who have not shot this match in the past, it is our 3 gun match. You do NOT
have to shoot all three guns to compete, but only those that shoot all three
will be eligible for the overall Weapons Master trophy.
I have gotten the round counts and basic rules from the stage designers and they

Pistol portion which is 50 rounds minimum and will be run
strictly by IDPA rules. It will be three stages. Awards will be given to the top
competitor in all 5 divisions.

Shotgun portion. Two stages, round count is 18
birdshot, 9 buckshot, and 6 slugs. This is an estimate, bring more. We are
allowing 20 g shotguns for this match. Awards will be given to the top
competitors in semi auto and pump. Max of 4 rounds in a magazine (slug or buckshot), 4 in a 
side-saddle/buttcuff (slug or buckshot). Targets will indicate
whether to use birdshot, buckshot or slugs. Birdshot must break clays, buckshot
scored best 8 holes on paper, slugs scored best hole on paper.

Rifle portion. He is combining a little handgun in as
well, and it will count for the rifle portion only. 2 stages with 11 pistol
minimum and 52 rifle minimum. I am told there will be reduced size targets so
plan to bring MORE ammo to get your hits. We will NOT be allowing rimfire or
carbine rifles. Awards will be given to top competitors in iron sights and

We will be squadding this match so be prepared. Those shooters that are shooting
long guns will be in squads to shoot them first and then they will shoot handgun
last, this will give those that are only shooting handgun time to get through
before they get there.

Registration will open at 745 and close at 9am to get on squads.
Cost is $15 for handgun and $5.00 for each additional gun. We ask that you
shoot handgun if you shoot any other gun.
Exact change is always welcome.

Please send any questions by private message and if I don't know the answer I
will find the right person for you.
Meg R. A17168