General Information


A rimfire steel match will be held the first Saturday of each month, March through November, at the Pistol Range on the lower range. These matches are designed to be fun, safe and affordable for shooters of all ages and experience levels. Matches include both .22 LR rifle and pistol stages and the competition is open to all safe and responsible individuals who can legally own or handle a firearm. You may shoot only rifle or only pistol if you wish.

A typical stage is set up with 5-6 steel targets at a distance of 30 feet to 30 yards. You must place one shot on each plate and time will stop when the last plate is hit. The string of fire will be shot five times, the slowest time is thrown out, the four remaining times are added for a stage score. All stage scores are added for a match score. Lowest division score is the Division winner, the lowest match score is the Match winner.

(The “competition” aspect of our matches is very low key, there are no “cut-throat” competitors in this sport at our club. We are there mostly to have fun and become better shooters. But, we do keep times and points, so....)

Virtually any type of .22 LR rifle or pistol action may be used: single action, double action, semi-auto, tube fed, lever, etc. Full auto not permitted.

Iron sights, peep sights or optics are permitted but will define the division in which you shoot: limited (iron or peep sights) or open (optics). We have rifles and pistols to loan if you need to borrow something.

Range fees: Match fees: $5.00 (under 18) $10.00 (over 18) Maximum of $20 per family

Registration begins at 9:00 am and goes until 11:00 am. Shooting begins at 10:00 am and usually finishes before 3:00 pm (depends on the number of competitors we have).

These matches are designed to be fun for the whole family, so kids, bring your parents out to shoot. This is a great event for beginners and will also challenge the experienced competitor.

We follow the NSSF Rimfire Challenge rulebook, which may be found here: