IDPA Scores

2018 and Future 
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    Jan (BUG)    Overall
    Feb   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPtsDn
    Mar   PractiScore
    Apr   PractiScore
    May  PractiScore
    Jun   PractiScore
    Jul    PractiScore
    Aug  PractiScore
    Commonwealth Cup   Practiscore
    Oct  Practiscore
   Jan (BUG) Overall
   Feb Overall
   Mar Overall
   May   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Jun (Classifier)   ByDivision  Classifier results also at
   Aug   ByDivision   Overall   BUG Side Match
   Sep (Weapons Master)   By Division   Overall   Weapons Master
   Oct   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Nov   ByDivision   Overall   TopGun

   Jan (BUG)   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Feb  No Match
   Mar    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Apr    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   May    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jun    Classifier results at
   Jul     ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Aug   ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Sep   ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Oct    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown    NewPointsDown
   Nov (Top Gun)   ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown    Stage1    Stage2    Stage3    Stage4

   Jan (BUG)   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Feb  No Match
   Mar    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Apr (Classifier)    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   May    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jun     ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jul      ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Aug (Classifier)   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Sep (Weapons Master)   WeaponsMaster    PistolByDiv    PistolOverall    Shotgun    Rifle
   Oct     ByDivision    Overall     TotalPointsDown
   Nov    ByDivision    Overall     TotalPointsDown

   Jan (BUG)   Overall   ByPointsDown   Non-BUG
   Feb    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Mar    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Apr (Classifier)   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   May   ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jun   ByDivision     Overall     TotalPointsDown
   Jul (Weapon Master)   WeaponMaster   Pistol   Rifle   Shotgun
   Aug (Classifier)   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Oct    ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Nov (Top Gun)   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown

   Jan (BUG)    Overall   ByPointsDown
   Feb   ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Mar   ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown 
   Apr (Classifier)    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   May    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jun     ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jul      ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Aug (Classifier)    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Sep (Commonwealth Cup)
   Oct    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Nov (Top Gun)   Top Gun    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown

   Jan (BUG)    Overall    ByStage   TotalPointsDown
   Mar    ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Apr    ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown   Note: This match did not count toward Top Ten Standings 
   May (Classifier)   Classifier COF   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   May (Indoor)   StagePhotos    ByDivision    Overall    TotalPointsDown
   Jul (Weapons Master)   Pistol   Rifle   Shotgun   Overall
   Aug   (Classifier)   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown
   Nov   Top Gun   ByDivision   Overall   TotalPointsDown 

    Jan (BUG)    CourseOfFire    Overall
    CourseOfFire    By Division    Overall
    Mar    CourseOfFire    By Division    Overall
    Apr    Classifier COF   By Division    Overall
    May   CourseOfFire    By Division     Overall     ByPointsDn
    Jun (BUG)    CourseOfFire    Overall    ByPointsDn    LastManStanding
    Jul     CourseOfFire     By Division     Overall     ByPointsDn
    Aug    Classifier COF    By Division    Overall    ByPointsDn
    Sep    2010 Cup Results    Lady    Junior    Overall    DistSenior    Senior    Military    LEO    ByStage    MostAccurate    MiscStats
    Oct    By Division    Overall    ByPointsDn
    Nov (Top Gun)   Top Gun    By Division    Overall    ByPointsDn     Photos