Classifier Registration - Now Open for August

Registration for the next Classifier will open:
    For anyone who has shot a RRPC IDPA match in 2017 or is registered for the 2017 Commonwealth Cup - Monday 7/17/17 6:00am
    For everyone else - Monday 7/24/17 6:00am

Any requests time-stamped prior or that are incomplete will be deleted.
You must be a current registered IDPA member to shoot the classifier. Bring your membership card to registration.

To register -  email
    (1) your full name
    (2) IDPA #
    (3) Division
    (4) 1st, 2nd and 3rd  choices for a time slot
Shooters will be signed up in date/time order of email receipt.

Please remember to arrive and register 15 minutes before your scheduled slot and plan to stay and help out for the entire hour.
If you are not going to make it please email us as soon as possible so we can fill the slots. If you fail to notify us you will be ineligible to register for the next Classifier at Rivanna.

Current Registered Shooters Listing as of 7/18/17 10:00pm
  • Timothy Crowder A40414 SSP
  • Richard Fletcher A13000 CDP
  • Jarrad Reiner A39911 SSP
  • Kerry Brendel A01259 CDP
  • Bob Brendel A27857 CDP
  • Norman Dallura A654031 SSP
  • Preston Miller A43591 SSP
  • David Turley A40030 SSP
  • Casey Mikus A261266 SSP
  • Richard Barth A17195 SSP
  • ...
  • ...

 1:30      FULL  
  • ...