Match and Safety Info

The match will be 8 stages approximately 150 rounds.
Registration (at the Clubhouse)
Friday 9/14/12 4:30-7:00. (Please don't go down range or interfere with the SOs and staff who will be shooting.)
Saturday 9/15/12 6:45-8:10
Match day 9/15/12 Schedule
6:45-8:10     Registration
8:15            Shooter Welcome and Briefing
8:30            First Shots
12:00          Lunch
5:00            All scores in and preliminary scores up
6:00            Final scores and awards

Safety Rules
1. RRPC is a cold range. Your firearm must be unloaded, magazine removed, hammer down and cylinders empty until directed by a safety officer. A designated Load/Unload area is available for citizens arriving with loaded firearms. Do NOT Load/Unload at your vehicles.
2. Eye and Ear protection is REQUIRED for all participants and spectators.
3. No alcoholic beverages prior to or during the match hours.
4. ANY safety violation (shots within six feet, over the berm, into barricades, props, or sweeping body parts, etc.) committed by a participant will cause disqualification from the match.
5. Unsportsmanlike conduct, speech or clothing will not be tolerated.

Match Guidelines
1. Scoring calls by Safety Officers are final. Match Director and/or Range Master will make final call on rules disputes.
2. No reshoots except for prop failure or Safety Officer error.
3. The Course of Fire descriptions in the match booklet are intended to give the shooter a general idea of the stages. Stages may be altered for range and/or safety considerations.
4. No air-gunning of any type.
5. No video taping on RRPC property.

Local Hotels
Sleep Inn 434-244-9969
1185 5th Street (I-64, Exit 120), C-ville

Holiday Inn (Monticello)
5th Street and I-64 (I-64, Exit 120), C-ville