Rivanna Action Pistol - Charlottesville VA


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The rules are here and you should have an idea of what the game isIDPA Rules
For a description of a typical match, what to expect, what to bring, and how to behave - Click Here

IDPA 3rd Saturday of every month Jan through Nov
  • We run a cold range (no loaded firearms) and have a Load/Unload area for your use
  • All firearms must remain holstered unless you are the active stage shooter
  • New Shooter Briefing 8:30 - all first time Rivanna IDPA shooters MUST attend (arrive by 8:00)
  • Sign In 8:30-9:00
  • Match Briefing and Start 9:00
  • NOTE: All matches require PractiScore pre-registration (limited walk-up slots may be available)
  • Matches on Bullseye and APT ranges (Plinking and 300 Yard Range closed until match concludes, Rifle is open)
  • Severe inclement weather and match moves to Indoor range
  • Match Fee $15 Cash or Check ONLY (payable to RRPC-IDPA)
  • Average Match round count is 60-75
  • IDPA Membership required after first match, RRPC membership is not required
Minimum To Bring To A IDPA Match
  • A safe and serviceable pistol or revolver in .38/9mm or larger caliber
  • A strong-side leather or kydex belt holster (no appendix or pocket carry)
  • Three magazines or speed-loaders and belt carriers
  • A concealment garment (coat, vest, shirt that covers gun)
  • 75-100 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • A general knowledge of the rules - IDPA Rules
The Four Safety Rules
  • All guns are always LOADED
  • Don't point the MUZZLE at anything you aren't willing to destroy
  • Keep your FINGER off the trigger until your sights are on the target
  • Be sure of your TARGET and backstop
Clint Smith on Gun Safety - Why the Four Rules are Important

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MeWe Group: VAIDPA

1570 Old Lynchburg Road  Directions
Charlottesville, VA 22903